Friday, March 26, 2010

Joel Houston Is Married

Joel Timothy Houston was born a King. Australia is his native home, but has now resigned to live in Maryland with his expectant wife Sheena Harrell, now known as Sheena Houston. Joel Timothy Houston has lived in Australia his whole life. He lived a very hard life. It wasn't until September 26, 2009; God spoke to his life and his life changed. God revealed to Joel Timothy Houston that Sheena Harrell of Baltimore, Maryland was the one God had chosen to be his wife. From that moment on his life changed.

Joeleth Timethous Houston is the name chosen for a King. He was born to Bobbie Houston and Brian C. Houston. He is the oldest of 3. His siblings include Benjamin Houston, Laura Toggs, Benjamin Harrell and Melanie Harrell. He married Sheena Harrell now known as Ms. Sheena Houston my beautiful wife born to James and Ivey Harrell on May 19, 1983. Joel Timothy Houston is 30 years old with triplets on the way with his new wife.

Joel Timothy Houston "was" the Creative Director of Hillsong. He received the position in May of 2008. Reuben Morgan now holds the position. Reuben Morgan is a talented artist/musician. His talents and skills will take him far and cause him and Hillsong to excel above any music group on earth.

Joel Timothy Houston resigned from Hillsong back in November of 2009. My wife Ms. Sheena Houston were faithful members of the Hillsong Church. Brian C. Houston and Bobbie C. Houston rightfully took over the church. Joel Timothy Houston is happily married and He is looking forward to being a great father and role model for today's youth.